1. You can request a return by logging into your Allu UK account.

(1) Select "Return Application" from My Page

(2) Enter the order number you wish to return and one of your registered email addresses, postal codes, or phone numbers.

(3) Select the product you wish to return and select the "Next" button.

(4) Select the reason for the return and select the "Next" button.

(5) Check the contents of the return policy, check "Agree", and select the "Confirm" button.

(6) Confirm the details of your application and select the "Next" button to complete your application.

2. Pack the returned items

    * When returning, please use the cushioning material that was included at the time of delivery and pack the return item with care.

    * Please refrain from attaching the shipping label directly to the product box or packaging.

    * We deliver with the product tags attached. Please do not remove these tags.

    * If you do not comply with the above, we may not be able to accept the return.

    3. Ship returned items

    * Please purchase the ALLU UK returns shipping label in our Returns Portal

    4. Refund of product price

    * The refund will be made through the credit card company used at the time of payment.

    Reasons for refusing a return

    • If the return request has not been made in the Allu returns portal within 14 days from the receipt of the order.
    • If the return hasn’t arrived in our warehouse within 14 days from the date the return was approved by us.
    • The tags attached to the product are removed
    • Product have been used
    • Products have been cleaned or renovated by the customer
    • Products have been scratched, damaged, or altered by the customer

    * When returning the product, please return all items such as the case, bag, accessories, warranty card, assembly instructions, identification letter, swing tags, and barcode tag. If it is not followed, we may refuse the return.

    * If you return the product after we have rejected it, it will be considered that the ownership has been abandoned unless otherwise requested by the customer, and we will dispose of it arbitrarily based on the terms of use. Also, the price cannot be refunded.

    * If excessive returns occur (more than half of the items are returned each time you order), we may refuse future orders based on the terms of use.